Update on Operations During Covid-19 as of: April 30th 2020

I am getting flooded with calls and emails regarding current operational status, so I am posting the latest update:

While recreational boating is currently banned in the State of Maryland, Charter Fishing is still allowed, provided safety practices are followed.  The Maryland Striped Bass Season starts May 1st this year and some charter captains are proceeding as normal.  We wish them well.  Many other charter operations, including Last Hurrah Charters, have decided to wait two more weeks until May 16th to start fishing.  Given the size and layout of my boat, I feel that this is the responsible decision for us.  The 16th is the start date for keeping the resident striped bass that are smaller but more abundant.  The limit is 2 per angler which is twice as many as the trophy season.

Once we start fishing, we will issue a protocol email detailing loading and unloading procedures.  Maryland marinas, parking lots, docks and other public places are not allowed to have an excess of ten individuals present at once.  If you are travelling from out of state, please check current rules for your home state.

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