Summer Stripers

Fishing continues to be good to excellent when ridiculously huge crowds aren’t scaring the fish to oblivion.  Weekends are a complete circus with ignorant boaters running through and even trolling through chum-slicks and chunk-lines.  Common sense and common courtesy do not exist out there, so we strongly recommend booking weekdays if at all possible.  Despite the challenges, Last Hurrah Charters has caught over 50 consecutive Rockfish limits and hopes to keep the streak alive.  Some days, the white perch fishing is very good. Other days. they are tough to find.  A few  Bluefish and Mackerel  have been spotted down the Bay, but they haven’t  arrived in numbers yet.  We currently have July 20, 22, 23, and 31 open for charter.  We also have several prime August dates available.  Here are some pics from the last few days….


Jumbos in July

Haven’t posted in a while…too busy fishing!  19 charters over the last 12 days to be exact.  Fishing is insane right now with fast limits of big fish up to 34 inches being common.  We have a few, prime dates left in July.  Shoot us an email and book while the bite is hot!