Come get some!

Live-lining for Rockfish with light-tackle is still in full-swing with Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel being boxed on the troll.  Fishing is still red-hot most days with crowds of boats being the biggest hindrance.  Ignorant boat-handlers with no clue, no common-sense, and no courtesy tend to run right on top of deployed lines.  Loud motors, prop-wash, and boat wake spook fish!  Weekdays are always easier fishing.  There is still time to cash-in on the live-lining bite before the bait leaves.  Come on out and go fishing with Last Hurrah Charter Fishing LLC.   Here are some pics from the past week:

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Rockfish, Bluefish & Spanish Mackerel

Light-tackle Rockfishing continues to be excellent with most limits coming in minutes.   After boxing our stripers, we have been trolling for Blues and have even caught a few Spanish Mackerel.  Fishing is awesome but it won’t last forever.  Contact Capt. Scott today to book a trip before live-lining is over.

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Rock Shock

Rockfishing is so good right now that first-time customers are amazed at how fast we are catching them.  On most trips, we catch 10-15 stripers within a few minutes of setting the anchor.  Fast and furious is just the way we like it.  If you are thinking about taking advantage of the Chesapeake’s bounty this season, now is a perfect time.  The rest of August is filling up fast but Last Hurrah Charter Fishing LLC still has a few prime dates.

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