Weekly Report 6/13-6/19

Fishing was good this week.  On Friday afternoon, we took out a great bunch of guys hosted by J.M. Mullen Electrical Services.   We caught about 45 spot for live-bait and then went rockfishing.  Due to a surprise party situation, we only had a hour and a half to catch a limit of rockfish…..no problem! 😉   We caught our 13 rock and had to release a 14th that bit while we were wrapping up the operation.   Made it back to the dock with 2 minutes to spare for the party-boy.   Nice grade of fish too….some were approaching 30 inches.   (photo below) 

On Saturday, we went bottom-fishing.  To be honest, it started off a little slow.  However, we never give up and after much searching, we found the mother-load.  We finished with 177 white perch and spot and a great time was had by all. 

My calendar is pretty open this week and the bite is on—-call me to book!!!!

Weekly Report 6/6-6/12

Fishing is as good as it gets!!  Rockfish are thick if you know where to look and the fleet has been crushing them all week.  There are some nice size “overs” around too.  We caught our limit of 13 rockfish in about an hour and a half while trolling on Friday.  (It would have been even faster but the tide was screaming.)  The biggest was 32 inches and a few other big fish straightening out hooks.  Now is the time to go.  Trolling and live-lining are off the chain!  Call to book.

Spot are here and it’s TIME to LIVE-LINE!

The Spot have shown up and it’s game-on!   Nice sized rockfish are being caught live-lining these lively baits.  Trollers did well too this weekend.  White perch and Croaker were caught as well.  Everything is heating up, including the weather. 

Contact me soon to book a trip!

Wed. June 1, 2011

The rockfish tried to be elusive this morning.    “Tried”.

At 10:00, we had fished all over the mid-Bay and only had 2 in the cooler…..however; by 10:45, we had all 13 for the limit boxed and threw back a few while picking up the rig.  Good thing too—we had my good friend and client, Ben Harries of Builder Guru Contracting on the boat.  

 Here’s a pic of the damage….