Bite gets Right

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Fall fishing is in full swing and the fish are schooled up and active.   The bite this week was an interesting one.  Fishing was slow for periods and then the fish would feed like crazy for brief windows and all chaos ensued.  On Saturday, we scratched our way to being four short of a limit.  Eventually, I decided to pick up the rig and make a substantial move.  With less than ten minutes of fishing time left, we hooked and landed 14 Rockfish at the same time!  Every rod went down with 2 nice fish in the 26-30-inch class on each rig.  We boxed four, released the other ten and rolled back to the dock.  This is the type of exciting pandemonium that Fall fishing can provide.  The grade of resident Rockfish was good this week and hopefully, the monster migrators are on their way.

Last Hurrah Charters has dates from now unit 12/15, so contact us to book your day of Fall Rockfishing on the Chesapeake Bay.





Bustin’ Loose

It’s about that time.  Air and water temperatures are dropping, bait is congregating and the Fall Rockfish bite is about to bust loose.  My last post was about “Fall Turnover” and we are currently seeing the effects of this transition.  As conditions change, Rockfish are changing up too.  Although this weekend’s bite was not consistently good, there were moments of greatness and all the signs are in place for wide open fishing in the very near future.  There are some nice mid 20-inch fish around with an occasional over-28 and it won’t be long before the Big-Rig comes out again.