Burning Fuel to Find the School

Lately, success has required long runs, lots of gear and technical fishing… but that’s what you pay us for!   We have been filling some nice boxes of fish despite some obstacles.  This season is yielding one of the best grades of Rockfish I have ever seen during the summer.  Weekends are stupid with crowds and we have weekdays open!  Call or email today to reserve your trip.

2015-07-26 2015-07-25

The Summer of Big Meat

Rockfish limits continue to come fast aboard the Hurrah and the grade of fish is unprecedented for the month of July.  On the last several trips, we have had our limit of both overs and unders.   This won’t last forever so call or email to book asap.  Photos of last few trips below:

2015-07-19 (main) 2015-06-19 (2) 2015-07-18

“Smack, Whallup, Whammy”

Fishing continues to be excellent, with fast limits and big fish.    The bite-windows are short but when it turns on, it’s not uncommon to hook a dozen or more stripers at once.   Here are the pics from this weekend…

2015-07-12 2015-07-11

Summer Fishing

Despite ridiculous crowds and long runs, we have been boating nice Rockfish catches.  The weather has been calm and pleasant for the most part and the fish bite well once they are good and ready to do so.  Last Hurrah Charters still have some July and August dates left to fill and we strongly encourage booking weekdays to avoid the masses of weekend morons on the Bay.  Here are some recent pics….

20150703_142624 2015-06-22 (3)2015-06-10 2015-06-21 (2)