Fall Fishing is Heating Up!

There is just a little over one month left in the season.  The fishing is heating up as the water temperature cools.  The fish are feeding in short windows but when the bite is on, the action is fast and furious.  Hooking over a dozen fish simultaneously is not unusual.  The fish are beautiful, butterballs ranging from 21 to 35 inches and they make for excellent table fare.  We have several prime dates available from now until the season closes on December 20th.  Let’s go fishing!

Last Hurrah for 2017 Chesapeake Fishing

The season ends on December 20th so time is running out to take your Fall fishing trip aboard The Last Hurrah!  This last month and a half can be some of the best fishing of the year and we have open dates to fill.  Weekdays are always better fishing due to less little boats blasting over schools of fish and spooking them.  The action can be fast and furious when the fish go on the feed, and hooking a dozen at once is not unusual.  The boat is heated and comfortable.   Shoot us an email or give us a call today to book your Fall fishing trip on the Chesapeake Bay.