Less than a month left and the bite is on!

Air and water temperatures have dropped, Fall Turnover has occurred and the fish are snapping!  The past week had everyone tense with anticipation as periods of quiet trolling were interrupted by total chaos.  Throughout the weekend, the fish took their time getting happy but once they turned on and started biting, excitement and big catches ensued.  Hooking six to fourteen fish simultaneously has become commonplace lately.  It’s a blast watching all of my customers in the back of the boat cranking in  two fish on every rig.  This is my favorite time of the  year, and there’s not much season left.  The boat cabin is enclosed and heated so don’t be a sissy about the weather 😉  Call or email today to book one “Last Hurrah” for 2014!

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Fishing is as good as it gets right now!

The water temps have cooled, the fall turnover is in effect, and the fish are schooled up and feeding!   Fishing has been phenomenal lately with fat, “football” fish in the 20-30 inch range.   It’s not uncommon to hook 7 to 12 at a once and fight two fish on each rig.

November is filling up fast but there are a handful of dates still up for grabs.


Fall Fishing

With less than a month and a half of season left, we were all frustrated with this weekend’s weather.  North winds 25-40 kts. made fishing impossible all weekend and we lost two days that we cannot get back.   Before the front came through, catching was superb in a few different locations.  The grade of fish ranges from 17-inch throwbacks to 30+plus inch beauties.   Breaking fish and diving birds are common lately.  I caught several keepers the other day jigging light-tackle spinning gear.

Time is running out but Last Hurrah Charters still has a few prime dates left to fill.  The boat cabin is heated and fishing action is hot.  Call or email today to book your Fall adventure on the Chesapeake.