Chasing Down Chesapeake Rockfish

Despite some windy, rough weather, long boat-rides and a few bouts of lockjaw, fishing was very good most of last week.  Last Hurrah Charters has now caught 33 limits on its last 35 charter trips.   Some days are easier than others.  Fish don’t feed all day long and tides, currents, and other factors dictate bite-windows.   The grade of fish is excellent some days and the White Perch and Spot fishing have turned on big-time.  Here are some pics….


Summertime Fishing on The Chesapeake

Rockfishing in the Upper and Mid Chesapeake Bay continues to be pretty good to excellent depending on the day and conditions.  The fish have been feeding in short windows, so timing and attention to detail have been critical.  Last Hurrah Charters has now boxed 28 consecutive Rockfish limits for its customers and hopes to keep the streak running!  Most of the fish have been ranging from 20 to 24 inches but we’ve boxed quite a few 28 to 33″ as well.  We are trolling and chumming to fool the fish and we will start live-lining if/when the Spot arrive.  White Perch fishing has started and should only get better as the summer progresses.  We have a few dates left in June and several in July.  We offer 2 trips a day, 7 days a week.  (Weekdays are always better as ignorant crowds spook fish on the weekends).

Here are a few  pics of happy customers from the last couple of days….

Fishing is Good–Rockfish Limits Every Trip

Some days are tougher than others, but Last Hurrah Charter Fishing LLC has boxed Rockfish limits on 22 consecutive charter trips.  Every day, a different pattern unfolds and the fishing tactics require constant adjustments.  When the bite window is open, the fishing gets productive fast with Rockfish up to 34-inches coming over the rail.  Last Hurrah Charters still has a few June trips available.  We are also currently booking July and August charters.   Here are some pics from recent trips….

Summer Rockfishing on the Chesapeake

Fishing is excellent right now when the crowds aren’t spooking the fish and ruining it.  Weekdays are best and we have a handful of prime June weekdays available for charter.  If you have to go on a weekend, we have some June afternoon trips still open on Saturdays and Sundays leaving around 1:00/1:30.  The grade of Rockfish is very good with 26 to 35 inch fish being commonplace.

Here are a few, recent pics….