Have Fish, Need Anglers

Howdy Fishy Friends.  Fishing is fantastic right now with a ton of hook-ups and some nice fish being boxed.  Most trips, our people are so worn out from cranking in fish that they argue among themselves as to who gets to take a break.  The calendar is starting to open up and we are currently filling in some dates for June and July.  We have prime dates up for grabs and want to book them while big fish are still around.


Summer Dates Filling Fast

Fishing has been exciting with fast action and some large Rockfish coming over the rail.  We are trolling up limits of keeper fish along with lots of throw-backs.  Last Hurrah Charter Fishing still has some summer  dates open.  Please contact us soon to reserve your day on the Bay.

Here are a few shots of the last few trips…

2015-06-08 2015-06-08 #2 2015-06-06

Fast N Furious

Fishing is awesome right now with sizes all over the place.  You never know what grade of rockfish is going to hit next.  On Friday, we just deployed our lures when we went over a massive school of big fish and hooked TWENTY-TWO  rockfish at once!  Most of them were big fish in the 15 to 25 pound class.  It was total chaos on board as all six anglers were cranking in 32+ inch  fish, 2 at at time as fast as they could.   We have some openings starting this Thursday through the weekend.  Contact us to book.

Here’s a pic from Friday’s smack-down: