Weekly Report: 9/20-9/26

The Rock-Fishing was a bit hit-or-miss this week.  The Spot are still available for live-lining and there still a few Spanish Mackerel hanging around.  The Bluefish continue to be caught in strong numbers.  There were occasional pods of breaking fish creating jigging opportunities.  

No doubt the bite will get right again very soon!

Weekly Report: 9/13-9/19

Good catches of Spot, Rockfish, Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish!  On Tuesday, I fished with a friend and his son.  The friend happens to also be a professional mate so that helped our success.  We caught about 60 live Spot in no time.  Before we could reach our targeted fishing grounds, we located diving birds and breaking fish.  We caught our limit of Rockfish in short-order by live-lining the Spot.  First-grader, Zach Jr., was in charge of craking in fish.  With our rock limit in the box, we put  the spining gear away and broke out the trolling rods.  We caught 14 Spanish Mackerel, a dozen Bluefish and released several keeper-sized Rockfish all before 10:00 a.m.!    Saturday was little tougher with boat traffic and finicky fish, but we ended up with 9 Rockfish in the 20-24 inch range and 8 bluefish. 

 The Spot won’t be around much longer, so if you want to try live baitfishing for Rock, book a trip now!

Weekly Report: 9/6-9/12

This was an interesting week as The Last Hurrah saw some surprising species!  On Wednesday evening, the guys from BGC hooked two monster Red Drum almost simultaneously.  The fish ripped line off the reels and within a few seconds, they were down to the knots on the reels!  I quickly fired-up the engine and began the chase.  The first redfish, broke the 14-pound test line within a minute or two.  However, the second fish engaged us in a battle that lasted over 1-hour and 45 minutes!  We saw the beast several times alongside the boat.  It was easily 50+ pounds and full of raw power.  Eventually, the light line snapped before we were able to net and release it.   We also had a 14-inch menhaden get wrapped around a line, and caught a silver-side and a juvenile black drum while bait fishing……Crazy week!!  The rockfishing saw both good and slow days and the Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish continued to be good-sized.

Weekly Report: 8/30-9/5

Nice mix of keeper Rockfish, Bluefish, and Spanish Mackerel this week!   My friend, Capt. Karl, fished with me on Tuesday and we found some breaking Rockfish with some monster-sized Macs hanging with them.  Live-lining continued to be good with trolling getting a nice variety of species.