Weekly Report: 7/25-7/31

The fishing continues to be outstanding!  The bait-fishing can be tough at times, but the rockfish have been cooperating  and the limits have come fast.  Live-lining  is a very fun way to catch rockfish on light tackle and my clients have been having  a blast.  The Last Hurrah has now boated rock limits on 15 of  its last 16 trips!  I still have the weekend open—call or email to book! 

  Here are some pics from the week…









Weekly Report: 7/18-7/24

Fishing just doesn’t get any better than it is right now!!!!   The weather is hot, but the bite is hotter.  All week long, we have been crushing rockfish in a fast and furious fashion .  Catching full limits in 15-30 minutes has been commonplace lately.   This Sunday is my only open July date.

Weekly Report: 7/11-7/17

Another ridiculously great week of fishing!   Live-lining for good sized rockfish just doesn’t get any better!  Some of the fastest limits I’ve ever caught.    On Saturday, I had a super nice group of folks out fishing.  After one move, we found a good supply of spot.  We boated about 70 and headed for the rockfishing grounds.  Before my anchorline was tight, we had 2 baits getting bit and we caught our limit of 11 rockfish in about 15 minutes, with the biggest being 32-inches.    Here’s a pic of a U.S. soldier holding dinner.

Weekly Report: 7/4-7/10

Summer fishing really doesn’t get any better!   This week I have trolled, live-lined, and bottom-fished and caught limits of big fish, fast each time!   On Wednesday. I trolled Rockfish up to 31-inches.  On Saturday, I mated for a good friend and fellow Deale Captain.  We caught 22 rockfish in less than 2 hours.  Yesterday, I had the boys from MPT out and we boated a limit of rockfish in a few hours.  It was a beautiful grade of fish:  32-incher, 31.5, 28, 26 etc.  They also caught a few hundred huge white perch in the 10-13 inch class.  We kept about 20 for them to eat and released the rest unharmed.  I still have some July dates.  Contact me ASAP to book!!

Here are some photos of the week’s catches:















Weekly Report: 6/27-7/3

Great groups, great weather and great fishing made this week a pleasure!  The Last Hurrah fished several times this week and caught quick rockfish-limits on every trip, except Thurs. afternoon when we were 2 short.  The winds were light and the seas calm each day as we live-lined and trolled rockfish up to 26 inches.  The bottom-fishing was also solid and we caught several hundred spot and white perch during the week.