103 Rockfish Limits on the Last 105 Charter Trips

Last Hurrah Charter Fishing LLC is still boxing Rockfish limits—-We’re now up to 103 for 105 trips this summer with the last 76 consecutive!  Some days are tough with a lot of undersized throwbacks but ignorant crowds are always the worst challenge.  Weekdays are always better fishing than weekends. Our calendar is starting to open up from now until the season-close on December 20th.  Drop us a line to book your Fall Rockfishing charter on the Chesapeake Bay.

Here are some pics from the last week…




Book Your Fall Chesapeake Bay Fishing Trip Today!

Last Hurrah Charter Fishing had a stellar summer season, boxing Rockfish limits on:  95 out of 97 trips!  We are currently on a 68 consecutive trip limit-streak and we hope to keep this streak alive.  The water temperature dropped 7 degrees in just a few days once the remnants of Harvey reached us.  Multiple weather fronts and barometer changes made the bite difficult on a few trips, but we were still able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on those days.  Overall, the Rockfish bite has remained fantastic with the biggest problem being getting the baits in front of keeper-sized fish before smaller ones gobble them.   Conditions are shaping up for an excellent Fall fishing pattern and the calendar is booking up quickly, so contact us today and reserve your charter.

Fast Action and Full Fish Boxes

The light-tackle Rockfish action is still as fast and furious as it gets with fish coming over the side non-stop.  We will continue to live-line until the bait-sized Spot fish leave us….which should be soon.  Last Hurrah Charters has caught its Rockfish limit on 91 of its last 93 charters!

Bottom-fishing for White Perch, Whiting and Jumbo Spot is also excellent right now.  We have open weekdays the next two weeks and a few holes here and there on weekends.  (Weekdays are always easier fishing due to less crowds).   Here are some pics from the last week…

Light Tackle Rockfishing Continues to be Excellent

Fishing remains stellar in the mid Chesapeake Bay and the Rockfish limits are coming fast every day.  Last Hurrah Charter Fishing has now limited-out on 84 of its last 86 charters.  Bottom fishing is good to great most days with a mix of jumbo and small Spot and big White Perch.   We are only seeing a few Bluefish, most of which are smaller than average.  Spanish Mackerel are slowly assembling in our part of the Bay.  We’ve caught a handful of Macs on some trips, but they’re not quite a consistent target just yet.

We have some openings next week and in September.  The live bait won’t be around long, so don’t procrastinate on booking your light-tackle, live-lining trip on the Chesapeake Bay!  Here are a few pics from the last week


76 Rockfish Limits in 78 Charter Trips—Now Using Light Tackle!

Live-bait fishing with light tackle is off the chain right now.  We’ve been catching Striped Bass (Rockfish) quick, fast and in a hurry each trip from the second that the anchor is dropped until the limit is in the box.  We’ve now boxed 76 Rockfish limits on our last 78 trips.  Bottom-Fishing is good to excellent lately with all sizes of White Perch and Spot available.

August 21st through 25th is available for charter.  We offer 2 trips a day, seven days a week.   Contact us today to reserve your trip.

Back in Deale & Booking August Live-Lining, Bluefish and Red Drum Trips!

July up north was outstanding with over 30 charters run and Rockfish limits on all of them.  The Last Hurrah has now captured Rockfish limits on 66 out of its last 68 charter trips!  Now, it’s time to catch ’em on light tackle.  The  live bait has arrived and we  are live-lining for our Rockfish.  Plus, there are Bluefish and Red Drum to chase and Spanish Mackerel are on their way with a couple being caught locally.

We are back in our regular marina in Deale and are actively booking August dates.  We want to book and fish every day in August, so contact us A.S.A.P. to book your mixed-bag charter fishing trip on the Chesapeake Bay!

Booking the Rest of Our Summer Dates—63 & 2 Limit-Out Record So Far!

Last Hurrah Charter Fishing LLC has now caught 63 Rockfish Limits on its last 65 charters!  Some trips, we haven’t been able to keep a lure in the water, other trips required a herculean effort and every trick in the book. Regardless, the fish box has been full almost every day since mid May.

White Perch fishing is also off of the chain now and Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel are on the way.  The boat is currently running out of Annapolis and may /may not stay there for August  depending on what the fish do.

We still have some prime August dates available.  Email, text, or call today to reserve your August trip on the Chesapeake and get in on the fishing fun!

57 Rockfish Limits in 59 Trips

The Last Hurrah has now boxed 57 Rockfish limits on its last 59 Charter Trips!   Some days are tougher than others but we pride ourselves on catching, not just fishing…..and we are relentless in our quest.  White Perch fishing has also been incredible recently.   Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel should be here soon.  We have just a few July dates available for charter but August has plenty of openings.  Email or call us today to book your summer trip.

Stellar Summer Fishing on the Chesapeake

Last Hurrah Charters has boxed Rockfish limits on 40 of its last 42 trips!  (The two on which we didn’t were short trips that handicapped us).  The Rockfish (a.k.a. Striped Bass) are larger than average for this time of year and when they bite, the action is fast and furious.   Hooking up 5 to 12 fish at one time is not uncommon.  Bottom-Fishing for White Perch and Norfolk Spot has become very good also.  With water temps on the rise, Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel won’t be far behind.

The Last Hurrah is currently on Back Creek at 7364 Edgewood Road, Annapolis, MD  21403.  She will be spending all of July there and possibly August.  This is putting us much closer to the best fishing.  We still have some July and August dates available for charter.

Here are a few recent pics….

Chasing Down Chesapeake Rockfish

Despite some windy, rough weather, long boat-rides and a few bouts of lockjaw, fishing was very good most of last week.  Last Hurrah Charters has now caught 33 limits on its last 35 charter trips.   Some days are easier than others.  Fish don’t feed all day long and tides, currents, and other factors dictate bite-windows.   The grade of fish is excellent some days and the White Perch and Spot fishing have turned on big-time.  Here are some pics….